FAQs About Home Arrest

What equipment is used by the Home Arrest Department?

  • Home Guard Field Monitoring Device (FMD): A box which attaches to the phone line in the client’s home and communicates with the ankle bracelet and computer.
  • Transmitter: This is the ankle bracelet that the client wears to let the FMD know if the client is in range (at home).
  • Soberlink: This is one of the pieces of equipment that monitors alcohol consumption. It is a portable, pocket-sized alcohol monitoring device which detects the presence of alcohol through a deep lung breath sample.  The handheld device allows offenders to discreetly submit BrAC tests from any location with cellular service.  A professional-grade fuel cell ensures accurate tests each time while a high-resolution camera verifies the client using adaptive facial recognition technology.
  • SCRAM: This is another bracelet which is worn by the client and is used to test for alcohol via trans-dermal testing (through the sweat glands of the skin). This bracelet is worn 24/7 and tests the client every hour for alcohol consumption. 
  • GPS Tracking: This equipment monitors the client’s location on a 24/7 basis. Clients have to wear an ankle bracelet and carry a cell transmitter which communicates the client’s location once every minute.

What is the service area?
Our service area consists of Wayne County, North to Medina, South to Millersburg, East to Massillon and West to Ashland.

What is the cost of Home Arrest?
The cost of this program is an amount equal to your hourly rate daily if employed, plus $25.00 hook-up fee (in county) or $50.00 (out of county but in our service area). We also have indigent rates for clients that are unable to work.

Do I need a phone?
In approved cases no. The Home Arrest Department has a limited supply of units that will work through the Verizon cellular network.

If I have a phone what phone service do I need?
The equipment the Home Arrest Department uses is compatible with most of the cable services (CPI, Century Link, Frontier, Armstrong) as well as the standard telephone companies.

Can I work while on Home Arrest?
Yes, we will have you take a work release agreement to your employer to have it signed. As long as your employer agrees to the terms you can work.

What hours can I work?
You can work any hours required by your employer up to 10 hours per day (including travel) 5 days a week.

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