The Wayne County Municipal Court has three divisions. The Court has jurisdiction over traffic and non-traffic misdemeanors and has the authority to conduct preliminary hearings in felony cases. The Municipal Court has civil jurisdiction for cases in which the amount of money in dispute does not exceed $15,000.00.

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To facilitate public access for Court proceedings the Court is live-streaming its proceedings through the use of Zoom Webinar software.  Please click on the link for the Courtroom you wish to view.  You may have to give Zoom permission to run on your computer.  You will be requested to enter a name and email.  Please do not use your name or actual email.  For name please enter “Guest” and for email please enter “court@wayne.org”.  Because you are logged on to a Webinar no one can see your screen.  All audio has been muted so no audio from any viewer is heard in the Courtroom.  The chat function has been disabled so no viewer can engage in a chat with any other viewer.  If you have any questions about viewing proceedings through using Zoom Webinar, please contact our Court administrator at kkubb@waynecourts.org.

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Live-stream is only available for Courtroom C when Court Hearings are in session.