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Adult Probation

 It is the mission of the Wayne County Probation Department to enhance community safety through enforcement of court orders while striving to empower individuals and change lives.  The core values guiding all activities of our Probation Officers are to act ethically and with integrity, recognize the value of all individuals, regard one another with respect and dignity, supervise to empower yet hold accountable, and foster collaboration amongst all those involved in supervision plans.   

Adult Probation Staff

Justin McGrath

Chief Probation Officer

Phone:  330-287-5669

James DeFelice

Probation Officer

Phone:  330-287-5676

Natalie Martz

Probation Officer

Phone:  330-287-5677

Jontie Garretson

Probation Officer

Phone: 330-287-5011

Ariel Walker

Probation Officer

Phone: 330-262-2473

Jen Haven

Probation and Home Arrest Administrative Assistant/Court Reporter/Transcriptionist

Phone: 330-287-5672

Fax: 330-345-3625