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Case information is from 1995 to present. Some cases older than 1995 may be in the system, but most cases prior to 1995 are available in the various court offices, in the manual indexes and dockets.

  • Information may be accessed by either name or case number.
  • Enter both first name or initial and last name, or case number.
  • Click search.
  • Click on the case number you wish to view, which will take you to the case summary page.


The links below allow you to easily search Wayne County Common Pleas, Municipal, public Probate and Juvenile Court records online.

For anyone interested in learning how to use the public access system, please stop in during business hours to the Clerk of Court’s Office and a clerk will be happy to instruct you.

Note: All public court case records have been migrated to the new system and are now online at one location. Please click on the designated link below for court case public access. This site includes public juvenile and probate case records.

As of September 7, 2018, the Juvenile & Probate Court database has been separated from the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts’ database.  You will need to login to this separate environment to view related cases.  Both links are provided below and can be saved to your bookmarks for future access.