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Jury Duty

Jury duty is a high duty of citizenship. Jurors uphold justice and help support fairness in trials for their fellow citizens in Wayne County.

If your name is drawn for jury service in the Wayne County Municipal Court, the term will last for two months. You may expect to be called one or two times during the term of service. Very rarely does a jury trial in this Court last longer than one day.


Weekly Jury Trial Notification

The Jury Trials scheduled for the Wednesday, July 17, 2024 will be going forward. Jurors need to report by 8:45 am. Thank You.

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Where to Park When You Arrive

Public parking is available in the lot designated for courthouse parking on North Grant Street. This lot is directly across the street from the main entrance and loop in front of the courthouse. The loop is for drop-off and pick-up only.

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Where to Enter

All courthouse visitors must enter through the main entrance on North Grant Street.  Upon entrance or re-entrance, all persons are required to proceed through a metal detector while all personal items will go through an x-ray inspection system to ensure no weapons or contraband are brought into the courthouse.

Any weapons or items that potentially can be used as weapons are prohibited and will be confiscated.  Food, beverages, and backpacks are prohibited.  Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off inside the courtrooms.

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Jury Duty Process

You will initially receive a questionnaire and a notice that your name was drawn for jury service stating the two-month term you are required to serve. 

A few weeks later, you will receive a summons informing you of the actual date you are required to appear.  

You must visit this website or call (330) 287-5662 after 5:00 p.m., the day before you are required to appear.  A message will then tell you whether or not you have to appear the following morning. 

We hope you enjoy the experience of jury duty.  We understand it may require sacrifice of your time and appreciate your service as it is necessary to allow for the existence of our democracy and system of justice.

Please visit the Jury Trial FAQ for more information and excusal information.