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What equipment is used by the Home Arrest Department?

Scram Monitoring Equipment: A box is given to the client to place in their home which communicates with the ankle bracelet to ensure the client’s compliance with Home Arrest regulations. The bracelet also is used to test for alcohol via trans-dermal testing (through the sweat glands of the skin). This bracelet is worn 24/7and tests the client every hour for alcohol consumption.

Scram Remote Breath Device: This is one of the pieces of equipment that monitors alcohol consumption. It is a handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol testing device with automated facial recognition and GPS location with every test. The handheld device allows offenders to discreetly submit breath tests from any location.

GPS Tracking: This equipment monitors the client’s location on a 24/7 basis. Clients have to wear an ankle bracelet and carry a cell transmitter which communicates the client’s location once every minute.